Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Frank and me

My weekend with Frank was awesome, and I think he also had a great time!!!
First thing when he arrived I gave him a jolly good bath!

  Saturday at my house The next day we prepared some delicious "torrijas" for the day after that, I was going to Louis's house! 

Sunday at my house 
It was Easter so we put on our boots and went searching for the eggs. Frank found lots of them.

Sunday at Louis's Can you find the egg Frank has found? When we arrived we played a bit and then it was time for lunch.
Straight after that, Louis, me, Agathe and Capucine and Marcos and Victor and Frank went searching for the eggs "again". 
We did a pretty good collection of eggs a full basket!!!!!!
Try find frank in the foto. 

At home sunday Frank asked me if we could go to have a little walk so I said yes. I think Frank loved it.

We also went to the circus, Frank wanted to join the circus!

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