Monday, 28 September 2015


Posted by Libby

Frank liked to collect herbs from my garden.
  My Brother Tom loved Frank.
   Frank helped me make dinner for all my family, yummy pumpkin pasta.

On Friday Frank came into my garden and I introduced him to all my animals.

   We read a book.

  We collected eggs.
   We picked tomatoes.

On Sunday we went to Julia's house for dinner. We had a good time and played the piano.
   I hope he had a good time at my house.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Furry Shadow & Mr Gregg

On Friday evening Furry Shadow came with the Gregg family to the Cité de l'Espace for the Nuit des Chercheurs.
There were mathematicians explaining their discoveries:
 and lots of scientists:
Furry Shadow was amazed by all the discoveries scientist are making in Toulouse.!

When Mr Gregg went for a run along the exercise track in the ForĂȘt de Bouconne, Furry Shadow came and joined in with everything!
Furry Shadow's furry shadow

Later on, Furry Shadow came with us to Toulouse, to a street party for some of the Syrian refugees.
He loved the rhythm of the drums!

And when, later on, Mr Gregg was doing some marking, he was there to give some advice.
Thank you for staying with us, Furry Shadow!

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Furry Shadow and me

Friday afternoon with Furry Shadow was amazing, we played together and I showed him my "works of art" because I love painting. In the evening, I made a bed for him and we saw the film Star Wars with my family.
On Saturday I went to a picnic with Furry Shadow and my group of catechism. Although it rained a little bit, we spend a lovely day playing in the country.
He loves strawberries and tomatoes and when he sleeps it looks like a kitty.....he is lovely!!

I spent a lovely weekend

Me and Frank

This weekend Frank and I had lots of fun together. First, on Saturday morning, we went to my football club where we watched a match together with my family.  I did not play the game because the night before I went to bed very late and so I was a bit tired.

In the afternoon Frank and I went to the birthday party of my friend Simon, at an adventure park in the mountains. There, Frank watched me go on very high zip lines, climb trees and walk over suspended bridges. My favourite part of the adventure was when my mum made a video of me going on a zip line with Frank sitting on a tree beside me.

On Sunday I had fun in the pool although the water was very cold.

Altogether, it was a great weekend.


Thursday, 17 September 2015

A big welcome back to the Y4 Lions

The Y4 Lions have been named! And they are looking forward to starting their weekend adventures.
4G's lion is called Furry Shadow and 4B's lion is called Frank.