Friday, 1 April 2016

"Have A Good Holiday Furry Shadow!"


At home Furry Shadow wanted to look cool so that's what he did, ha ha ha!

Furry Shadow liked the heat from the bonnet of the car even though it was mild.

Furry Shadow loved the smell of the blossom.
Even though he did sneeze.

My sister always wanted to get in a picture.

Furry Shadow perched on a bough and whistled a song.

Of course Furry Shadow beat me at cards.

It took me some time to figure out why.

Furry Shadow loved Bugs Bunny's funny jokes. 

He loved the pasta I gave him.
Furry Shadow said I gave him just enough.

He could not peel the satsumas so I helped him.


In the morning we went to the 'Grand Frais' where I had to tell him not to eat the blueberries....

...but he loved to help weigh the strawberries!

 Furry Shadow thought he was by a mountain spring when he was by the cool mist of the lettuces.

In 'Decathlon' Furry Shadow tried on some trainers...
...of course they did not fit.

He laughed aloud when he realised they looked more like skis!

We had fun choosing my new Lego kit.  Furry Shadow chose the perfect one.

I gave Furry Shadow a ride around the shop.

Back at home we had a look at our flowers by our driveway.
I needed to tell him not to chew the petals.

 Furry Shadow loved dining with us.

Cicely let  Furry Shadow watch her as she drew some lovely pictures on Saturday afternoon.


This morning we had a superb brunch and my Mum let me have a book at the table.
 Furry Shadow loves Tintin as much as I do.

He then had a good time playing in my bedroom with me and my sister.

After that he wandered in the African savannah (really it was our garden).
He felt like he was in The Congo!!

 Furry Shadow did get in a pickle on a spiky bush, so I rescued him.

After that  Furry Shadow had a big treat.  
My Dad took him into town on his motorbike.

 Furry Shadow licked me on my ear when I was pretending to ride the motorbike.

Furry Shadow loved it when we got into the spa...
...even though it was a little too hot for him, he did not mind.

Oops-a-daisy Furry Shadow!  Don`t fall off the water fountain!

Ah, a bit of shade...
 ...with some lemonade.

Can you spot Furry Shadow?

What a lot of superb fun, FANTASTIC!!!
I love you Furry Shadow!

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