Saturday, 12 March 2016

My amazing week with Furry S

I was very excited when I got  to take home Furry S!

First, I showed him all around the house and he said it was very cosy.We then ate a South Indian dish called Idli. Furry S really loved all the food! After that, Furry came with for my maths class and was able to solve a lot of sums! The next day, we went to the open market and Furry was a bit surprised when he saw us walk right past the eggs! When we got home, we got prepared for a shower. After that, we went to Lofouille and did some random shopping. After we went home, we prepared for the Tamil festival called Pongal. 

Furry loved the Pongal and Vada!
After dinner, we drew a picture.
The next day, we had dinner with Anaya & Samyaks family's. We had Paratha, Dal Makhni, Palak paneer and boondi ka raita.Furry  loved it all and so did I!!!
In the end, we had a sweet sort of mixture called Hellu bella. 
I felt really sad when it was finally time for Furry to go home, but I knew he would come back soon!

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  1. Great, I'm pleased you it, Rhea! Furry Shadow had good food!