Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Saturday morning I dressed Frank as a... pink baby. do you see Frank an aswell I dressed frank as a multicolor t-shirt baby and aftera while we went to boulanger to buy somethings then I ate then after some hours I went to loris is house here is a photo afterI went to my house and had a:bath,I ate and to my bed to sleep after a day passed I went to Mass then I ATE LASAGNA! I waited . After a while and went to Noah is birthday and I did this sculpture: then we drawer after that we played foot

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Frank goes to a Christmas Party

I cannot believe Frank is coming home with me….Friday evening we have a dinner with some friends who are visiting. Frank finds the feve in the Galette des Rois and wins the crown; he really is the king of the jungle! My dog bramble wishes he had won!


Sunday is an exciting day because we are going to the Airbus ‘Arbre de Noel’ party at the Zenith. Here is what we got up to:

We watched a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ show and met a fierce looking pirate; you can see my face is painted pirate style:

Then we met a giant cuddly rabbit:


Next we had a ride on the swings:

Frank stops for some aligot and a crepe for dinner:

We had a slide on the bouncy castle:


We pretended we were snowmen:

Then we had a ride in a small Galleon pirate ship:

Next Frank climbed a ships mast to ring the ships bell; he wanted to climb to the crows nest at the top to keep watch for other pirates:


Frank was nearly fired from a cannon:




Phew, what a great day, but I think Frank will be glad to be back in school Monday to have a rest…

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Furry Shadow visits Périgueux

Furry Shadow came to visit Périgueux and he had great fun!

We went to visit the the cathedral of Périgueux.
We walked about 10 minutes there were lots of  building to build or repair.
First we wanted to take photograph with me and Furry Shadow but Furry Shadow wanted to take a selfie. Here is a selfie of Furry Shadow!
We went inside the cathedral of Périgueux it was really wonderful.

This a different view of the cathedral.
This view is from a little park next to the cathedral of Périgueux.
Here is a photo from the little park.
After we went to the cathedral of Périgueux we went to the Christmas market.

We had great fun at the Christmas market.
Furry Shadow had Candy floss!

Monday, 30 November 2015

My great week-end with Furry Shadow and Frank

In 27th Pablo took Frank home so I did with Furry Shadow and Pablo came to a sleep over. We had lots of fun with Furry Shadow and Frank.
First we had lunch at a Japanese and then we went home.  We played in the garden then with the Ipad with the lions. Finally on Saturday evening we slept with them.
On Sunday we did origami and then then we went to the German marche de noël and we found Evangelos, Beatriz, Mateo, Kirill, Manu and Rodrigo, that is in Y5, and we played a lot. 

 I went home and I put the Christmas Tree!

Furry Shadow on the top of the tree

He is putting the star!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Furry Shadow at Granly's house

This weekend we all went to Granly's house. Furry Shadow wore some sunglasses.
Granly lives in Nercillac near Cognac. We went to Nercillac in the camper van. It took roughly about 4 hours. Next Furry Shadow played with the toy cars in Granly's living room.

On the way back from Granly's Furry Shadow sat in the front of the van.
Then I made him a loom band necklace with his initials on it - FS.
We had a great time!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Frank's weekend with me

Saturday morning I dressed Frank as a: pink baby then I dressed Frank as a multicolor t-shirt lion then after a while I went to Boulanger and bought some things. In the afternoon I saw Minions and after that I went to Loris's house Then I had a bath then I saw the real Madrid match after I ate then I snoozed after a day passed I was exited because it was noah's birthday then I went to mass in bicycle then I ate lasagna! then I saw Big Hero6 after that I went to noah's birthday I did a dragibus sculpture here it is: we played aswell lot of other games after 3 hours my mum came with Frank and we did an excellent photo here it is: and here is all my weekend with Frank.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Frank post

I went to roller hockey. I brought Frank. First we had a lesson:

Then we were playing a match. My friends were Dorian number 85, Romain number 13 and Thomas number 95.

This is me in the match:

The next day we went to TRUFFAUT we saw some lions in the shop and I discovered that Father Christmas was going to sit on a chair next to the lions he will be there until 21st and 22nd December or 28th and 29th December.

Frank also helped us doing the leaves. We filled up three bags of leaves.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Furry Shadow and me

On the scary November the 13th I went to Keech's house with Shadow (Furry) it was really fun.
Then me and my dad went to Decalthlon.
Then he had a big drink!!! 

Well, he did the scaning............................................................
And paid!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fury Shadow and me

During the holidays it was my turn to have Fury Shadow.
Every morning I gave Fury shadow something yummy to eat like chocolale donuts

Sunday, 8 November 2015

My weekend with Frank

On Saturday morning we went to visit Toulouse with my father, my brother and our friends from Spain. 

This is us with my spanish friend Maria.

In my garden we have donkeys. When we go to my garden we give them carrots. 

On Saturday night we went to sleep to Julia's house.


On Sunday we went to the park. We had a great time.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Frank and his holidays with me

Once we got out of the bus from Vulcania Chloe gave me Frank.
Then when I was about to leave I saw Loris with his plush lion so that gave me the idea of Frank's first photo!

Frank and ... ... (his plush lion maybe!!!)

That night I slept with Frank and he was very  comfy.
The next day I woke up very sleepy but suddenly when I heard the news about me and my brother going to Louis's house I was more waken up and excited! At Louis's house we: drawed pictures,we played a game with Frank and other teddy bears though I don't know name of the game. We also went to the trampoline but it was wet and full of bugs so we had to get out. We also had lunch in their house! There was letter shaped chips, an egg and green beans.
They have a huge green forest behind their new house.
At half past 6  in the afternoon I had to go to my piano lessons.
I knew I had to bring Frank with me. Once I had arrived I took Frank out of my bag. When I finished my lesson Frank played a song on the piano.
On Sunday the 25th of October,
I showed Frank his new friends.
Their names are: Oso pirata, Penguin, Jungle, Trudy, Oso pequeñito, Oso amoroso, Dog, Bea, Gorila, and Marloose. But of course there are more!!! Frank has also tried on his Halloween costume (and I did a good choice for him as well) , BOO !!!!! I think he's having a fantastic two week Holidays with me.

Try and find Frank.
 We've done our Halloween pumpkins. It looks great. Mine has a long smiling mouth that goes up to its eyes. Its teeth are very, super sharp. To me it's quite scary! Marcos, my brother also did one. 
  Which one do you think is mine? 
Cristina and Javier came to have Halloween at my house. Some children invited us to come and take sweets with them. We had to be on the street at 6 o'clock. When we came to the third house (Mael's house) Mael and Pablo from Year 6 joined us. Pablo was dressed as a magician. Mael was dressed as a dead person. Before leaving my house Cristina,me and my mother took a photo with Frank!!!!!
   I was a witch, Cristina a vampire, and my mother a dead person as well. Though Frank was a little scared!!!!! BOO !!!!!