Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My weekend with Furry.S

On a Saturday morning, we all went out to Decathlon and had a go on all the different cross-trainers as my dad wants to buy one.  Furry Shadow got very tired and out of breath with so much exercise!

Then we went to a car shop to buy a few things and after this we went to Le Jardin de l'Olympe and had a lovely lunch; Furry was so hungry, he even ate all the salt!

In the afternoon we returned home, and we all did some cooking and I helped my mum prepare some bread.  Then our friends rang and invited us to their house as Daniel Jones' dad was visiting and we all wanted to see him.  Me and Furry had a great time playing with my friend Alfie, we played with minecraft paper blocks and ended up staying till

When we got home the bread had risen but had not been baked! We baked it but it was not very nice so the next day my Mum made a fresh loaf.

PS, there is a problem with my Mums phone and I can't upload pictures.

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