Monday, 4 January 2016

My Christmas holidays with Furry shadow

On the 23rd of December I went to my Aunt and Uncle's house in the South East of France near Valence. Our cousins were already there. We ate special food such as homemade walnut balls, foie gras and 'bûche de Noël'.

 Unfortunately my little cousin broke Furry shadow's leg. With my Harry Potter spellbook, I tried to fix it but I cast the wrong spell: I said Reducio (to make things smaller) instead of Reparo (to fix things). At that moment, Furry shadow was beginning to shrink. He became smaller and smaller until he was this size:

I fixed his leg when he was small.

I tried to make it bigger with the spell Engorgio but it did not work. I was depressed. What would Mr Gregg tell me if I couldn't bring Furry shadow at school in his normal size?

The holidays continued and I was so excited for Christmas. Next morning I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning. I rushed to the living room where the Christmas tree was to see the presents. There  were loads of them all piled up. I knew that I could not open them now so I went back to sleep on the sofa. Finally at 9 o'clock, all the familly woke up and we could open the presents. Here is a photo with Furry shadow, my sister, my cousins and me under the Christmas tree.

Then I went to my cousins' house in Valence. My uncle has an electric bike: it is a bike with an integrated motor and a large passenger seat, which can carry up to 4 children or 2 adults. Here is a photo when we were at the park Jouvet and I was riding the bike.

Then I did some acrobatics on the bike.

The next day we went to my Grandad's house in Grignan. This is a photo of Grignan.

My Grandad is good at singing the blues, this is a photo of him singing.

In Grignan, we went to the church where there was an animated nativity scene with Jesus. It is typical of the South East of France and is called 'crèche provençale'. Here are some photos.

Afterwards, we drove to Marseille to visit some friends. They have twins of the age of 10 called Louis and Maëlle, with who I like to play, and a baby girl called Coline.

Here is a photo of me playing with Louis.

Back in Toulouse my dad , Furry Shadow and I went to watch STAR WARS 7 in 3D. It was a bit scary when the spaceships flied towards you suprisingly. I really enjoyed the film.
Here is a photo of the star wars poster.

At last on the last day of holidays I tried Engorgio on Furry shadow and it worked!
I was very relieved. PHEWWW!!!


  1. wow Killian you must of been very busy and woried when you shrunk Furry

  2. I love the star wars posters NOW I AM FAN OF ITTTTTTTTTTTTT

  3. Its very funny that you made Furry Shadow shrink