Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My super adventure with Louis!!!!!

Firstly I made new friends : Mr Bear, Tiger. It was great fun.
Secondly we went to judo!!!! "Does it hurt"? I asked to Louis.
After that we went to sleep with Mr Bear and tiger!

"Wake up Frank!!! It's Saturday!" said Louis
Let's go to Loris's house . "I'm so excited to see Loris!!"

First thing ( at Loris's house) we played at lots of games!!
Finally, the best part, the king cake!!!! delicious!
I wonder who won the "bean"?

not  Loris

not  Louis

not  Mrs Burgaud

not  Loris' father

not  Mr Bear and tiger but me!!
Here is our king Frank!!!!!! Here is our king Frank!!!!!! Here is our king Frank!!!!!!

What a good time we had, let's see a film!!!
"which film Louis?" I asked 
"rango!!!" replied Loris

( then the film)

"I'm tired, let's go to sleep!" I proposed 


"How long did we sleep?"
" humm, it's s..m..e..ll  good, I wonder if it's breakfast ?!!?!!"

"what are we eating today...."

(back to home with Loris !!!!!)

Now let's go to the forest with killian, Loris, Louis,Capucine,Agathe, Victor,Lola, their parents and me!!

Thank you for following us!!

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  1. What a busy, but super weekend! Thank you for sharing it with us.