Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Furry Shadow visits Périgueux

Furry Shadow came to visit Périgueux and he had great fun!

We went to visit the the cathedral of Périgueux.
We walked about 10 minutes there were lots of  building to build or repair.
First we wanted to take photograph with me and Furry Shadow but Furry Shadow wanted to take a selfie. Here is a selfie of Furry Shadow!
We went inside the cathedral of Périgueux it was really wonderful.

This a different view of the cathedral.
This view is from a little park next to the cathedral of Périgueux.
Here is a photo from the little park.
After we went to the cathedral of Périgueux we went to the Christmas market.

We had great fun at the Christmas market.
Furry Shadow had Candy floss!


  1. That candyfloss is much much bigger than Furry Shadow's head! I hope it didn't get his fur all sticky!