Monday, 30 November 2015

My great week-end with Furry Shadow and Frank

In 27th Pablo took Frank home so I did with Furry Shadow and Pablo came to a sleep over. We had lots of fun with Furry Shadow and Frank.
First we had lunch at a Japanese and then we went home.  We played in the garden then with the Ipad with the lions. Finally on Saturday evening we slept with them.
On Sunday we did origami and then then we went to the German marche de noël and we found Evangelos, Beatriz, Mateo, Kirill, Manu and Rodrigo, that is in Y5, and we played a lot. 

 I went home and I put the Christmas Tree!

Furry Shadow on the top of the tree

He is putting the star!


  1. The tree looks great, Miguel! I'm glad Furry Shadow could be there to help!

  2. Wow Miguel ! The lions have done a good job there!