Sunday, 13 December 2015

Frank goes to a Christmas Party

I cannot believe Frank is coming home with me….Friday evening we have a dinner with some friends who are visiting. Frank finds the feve in the Galette des Rois and wins the crown; he really is the king of the jungle! My dog bramble wishes he had won!


Sunday is an exciting day because we are going to the Airbus ‘Arbre de Noel’ party at the Zenith. Here is what we got up to:

We watched a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ show and met a fierce looking pirate; you can see my face is painted pirate style:

Then we met a giant cuddly rabbit:


Next we had a ride on the swings:

Frank stops for some aligot and a crepe for dinner:

We had a slide on the bouncy castle:


We pretended we were snowmen:

Then we had a ride in a small Galleon pirate ship:

Next Frank climbed a ships mast to ring the ships bell; he wanted to climb to the crows nest at the top to keep watch for other pirates:


Frank was nearly fired from a cannon:




Phew, what a great day, but I think Frank will be glad to be back in school Monday to have a rest…


  1. Wow ! Frank surely needs a rest! Perhaps for a week ?:)

  2. I agree Rhea! What a busy but fantastic time you both had. I loved seeing all the photos.

  3. wow Bea I went to see the Pirates of the Carabean to and
    went on the swings and pretended I was I was a snow man to as Rhea said I think frank needs a rest till the next time you take him