Sunday, 4 October 2015

Furry Shadow's visit

Furry Shadow's visit

Friday with Furry was awesome I showed him around the house and after that we started making props for the play.
Shortly after, darkness painted the sky as we climbed into the top bunk and fell asleep as the stars blinked into the night sky.

Saturday morning's breakfast was pancakes yum. Then we went shopping and had lunch at Flunch. 
Furry climbing a tree at Blagnac Mall
Sunday was exciting too we took Furry to Toulouse Museum and we saw some minerals. They were dazzling.
A Mineral Display at the Museum
The museum had stuff about lava, volcanoes, earthquakes and so much more related to our topic - Active Planet.

Me, my Little sister Alina and Furry sitting on a Lava Display

In the museum shop, we found another Little Lion just like Furry. 

Furry's Little lion friend
I enjoyed my time with Furry. I hope it won't be won't be that long to our next meeting.


  1. Great post! So there are other lions like Furry Shadow and Frank!

  2. What a super weekend. Looks like you both had fun.

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