Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Frank and me

My weekend with Frank was awesome, and I think he also had a great time!!!
First thing when he arrived I gave him a jolly good bath!

  Saturday at my house The next day we prepared some delicious "torrijas" for the day after that, I was going to Louis's house! 

Sunday at my house 
It was Easter so we put on our boots and went searching for the eggs. Frank found lots of them.

Sunday at Louis's Can you find the egg Frank has found? When we arrived we played a bit and then it was time for lunch.
Straight after that, Louis, me, Agathe and Capucine and Marcos and Victor and Frank went searching for the eggs "again". 
We did a pretty good collection of eggs a full basket!!!!!!
Try find frank in the foto. 

At home sunday Frank asked me if we could go to have a little walk so I said yes. I think Frank loved it.

We also went to the circus, Frank wanted to join the circus!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Abigail and Frank

Abigail & Frank

Friday afternoon when we got home me and Frank we went to Watch a film in bed and we watched Alvin and the chipmunks. Afterwards we had family night where we done some crafts and played Monopoly and ate pizza.

On Saturday we went on a bike ride around De la Ramee and frank sat with me on my handle bars, we had lots of fun and we were so tired after the ride. We sat down and had a picnic in the sunshine, we also played on the play area with my sister [Sienna] we had a great day. 

On Sunday we stayed at home but because it was a lovely day we played outside in the garden and we played on our scooters.  I had a great adventure with Frank and I cant wait for him to play again.


Saturday, 12 March 2016

My amazing week with Furry S

I was very excited when I got  to take home Furry S!

First, I showed him all around the house and he said it was very cosy.We then ate a South Indian dish called Idli. Furry S really loved all the food! After that, Furry came with for my maths class and was able to solve a lot of sums! The next day, we went to the open market and Furry was a bit surprised when he saw us walk right past the eggs! When we got home, we got prepared for a shower. After that, we went to Lofouille and did some random shopping. After we went home, we prepared for the Tamil festival called Pongal. 

Furry loved the Pongal and Vada!
After dinner, we drew a picture.
The next day, we had dinner with Anaya & Samyaks family's. We had Paratha, Dal Makhni, Palak paneer and boondi ka raita.Furry  loved it all and so did I!!!
In the end, we had a sweet sort of mixture called Hellu bella. 
I felt really sad when it was finally time for Furry to go home, but I knew he would come back soon!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

My super holidays with Frank

On the first Saturday  Frank and I sewed a seahorse.
 On Wednesday we played a game called Times Up family,
in this picture I am miming a vampire and Frank is counting the cards.
On Friday  Frank and I  went to the mountains in Plateau de Beille.
We did some cross contry skiing.

On Saturday , Frank, my dad and I went to Barcelona. This is Frank and I on the train.
This is me at the Sagrada Familia built by Gaudi.

                                                                          This is me at the flat in

 I am sorry for he real madrid fans, but Frank is now a Barcelona
fan and has been trained when he sees Real Madrid to boo them.

Here is me at the match.

Here I am eating chocolate con chorros.